SH 34 Corridor Study & Environmental Assessment

The SH 34 Corridor Study and Environmental Assessment is intended to develop a locally preferred plan of action to address transportation problems along the north-south corridor between Kaufman and Terrell in Kaufman County, Texas as outlined in the study area map. The study process follows federal procedures, which call for collaborative development of transportation projects with local communities and all involved agencies.

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Team Structure

The Dallas District Office of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is managing the SH 34 Corridor Study. TxDOT hired Halff Associates in the spring of 2005 to perform the study as the principal consultant. The North Central Texas Council Of Governments (NCTCOG) serves as the study’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). See the Contact List for project manager contact information for these three organizations.

The study will proceed as a collaborative effort among the groups shown in the graphic below.

See this study’s comprehensive public involvement plan for more detailed information.

The Community Advisory Group is intended to provide broad-based representation of the community at-large. The primary role of the Community Advisory Group is to monitor the study process from the community perspective, and to provide input, ideas and concerns to the study team. The Community Advisory Group was formed in the Summer 2005, and meets regularly during the alternatives analysis portion of the study. The group is composed of representation from the following sectors of the community:

  • Neighborhood Associations and Places of Worship
  • Business Interests and Land Owners
  • Environmental and Recreational Interests
  • Civic Groups and Chambers of Commerce


The Technical Advisory Committee is the executive group for the study. It is comprised of representatives from local governments and agencies that could possibly have a role in funding, permitting and/or implementing any proposed transportation improvements in the SH 34 corridor. The responsibilities of the Technical Advisory Committee members are to:

  • Offer policy decisions and guide the development of the study,
  • Receive and assess reports on progress and schedule,
  • Coordinate with their respective agencies, and
  • Provide oversight of major activities associated with the study.


The Technical Advisory Committee meets on a bimonthly basis during the alternatives analysis portion of the study, and on a quarterly basis thereafter. The Committee is composed of the following organizations:

  • The Cities of Kaufman, Oak Ridge, Post Oak Bend, and Terrell
  • Kaufman County
  • The North Central Texas Council of Governments
  • Texas Department of Transportation, Dallas District
  • Texas Transportation Institute
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • SH 34 Study Consultant Team
For More Information

The SH 34 Corridor Study is being managed by the Dallas District Office of the Texas Department of Transportation; project manager is Stephen Endres, P.E. You may write to Mr. Endres at TxDOT, P.O. Box 133067, Dallas, Texas 75313 or call (214) 320-4469, or fax (214) 320-4470. You may also e-mail Stephen at: